You Know You’re a Protein Junkie When

  • the only meat in your refrigerator is chicken
  • you choose your groceries according to protein content not taste or cost
  • the only nutritional info you can read on a foreign food item is the word or characters for ‘protein’ (I can pick this out on a Chinese food label)
  • you no longer notice how bad that protein shake of supplement powder and water tastes
  • you go to a restaurant with friends and they order grilled chicken and steamed vegetables for you.
  • you forget to bring your daily protein shake in a flask to work and everyone asks you if you need help looking for it
  • you eat all of the food you cooked for a potluck party and nobody else’s for fear of contamination from high carb/high fat dishes
  • you think your protein bar tastes infinitely better then a Snickers bar
  • your idea of the perfect full English breakfast is eggs, bacon, fried bread, mushrooms, grilled tomato, sausage, black pudding, baked beans providing the eggs have no yolk; the bacon is
  • grilled; the fried bread, sausage and black pudding are binned (put in the trash).
  • your friend tells you what they had for lunch and you automatically start calculating how many grams of protein was consumed in your head
  • you know that the beef patties at McDonald’s have a higher protein content then the McChicken Sandwich chicken patties.
  • you have friends over for dinner but you cook yourself a different high-protein meal from what you cook for them.
  • everyone you know avoids eating with you for fear of you preaching the merits of a high protein diet
  • what everyone else calls a coffee break, you call your protein shake/bar break
  • your friends stock protein supplements at their homes just for you in case you make a visit
  • all of your gym vests have a name and logo of a particular sports supplement you bought in the past
  • the first thing you consume when you wake is a protein shake
  • the last thing you consume before bed is a protein shake
  • if you wake up in the middle of the night, you take the opportunity to gulp down a protein shake
  • the sales person at your local electrical home wares store tries to sell you another blender every time you go to buy batteries
  • you take your blender on vacation or business trips with you
  • you’ll try blending anything into a shake as long as the protein content is high enough
  • you have to buy eggs every other day

Add any more you think of in the comments, thank you!

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