You Drink Protein Shakes to Gain Lean Muscle or Mass According to our Poll!

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part in one of our recent polls ‘What Do You Want Most From Your Bodybuilding Shake?’. At the time of this post, we had received over 260 votes and I think the results very clearly demonstrated that most people (in fact more than 80% of you according to the poll) purchase protein supplements and take protein shakes/drinks to either Gain Lean Muscle or Gain Mass / Bulk.

Results of this Bodybuilding Poll

The precise results we gained from this simple poll showed us that of the 267 votes gathered at the time of writing this post, your main reason for taking protein supplements was as follows:

  • Gain Lean Muscle – 41.9%
  • Gain Mass / Bulk – 40.4%
  • Lose Weight – 15.4%
  • Increase Energy – 2.2%

Clearly you can see that most visitors to the site (probably more than 80% of you) are interested in getting bigger! I’d say that the results of our poll show that almost the same number of people consume protein drinks to gain lean muscle as people consume protein drinks to bulk up or increase mass. Depending on what you put in your shake, you can of course tailor it to be a ‘lean-muscle-gainer’ or a ‘mass-gainer’.

We also see a significant number of you (just over 15%) taking a leaf out of the bodybuilder’s diet book because you understand how high protein shakes can be an integral part of the high protein diet many people pursue to help them lose weight.

Only a very small portion of you are looking to create shakes that increase energy but then that is expected because the energy a protein shake provides you is not really going to be dependant on the amount of protein but rather other ingredients added.

Remember this is predominantly a bodybuilding website and so results in this poll are naturally going to be heavily slanted towards a bodybuilder’s stand point.

If you want to participate in this poll, please place your vote for this and the other polls here. Don’t forget to check the results after you have voted.

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