Spirulina Capsules – to a healthy lifestyle a dietary Supplement based on spirulina, reviews, composition, price

4.3 06 Spirulina Capsules – medicinal and cosmetic properties of spirulina Spirulina is prozdrowotna algae belonging to the group of super foods. This component is a veritable treasure trove of protein, amino acids and numerous nutrients. Regular consumption of spirulina provides beneficial effects for health, but also has a positive effect on beauty. Therefore, it … Read more

Goji Berries – addition to the diet of Goji berries with rich potential, health, reviews, cost of product

4.6 08 Goji Berries – health properties of Goji berries Goji berries for many years find a number of applications in natural medicine and cosmetology. Component belongs to the group of super-foods and is in high demand in our country. You should know the universal properties to promote health, offer helpful Goji berries that will … Read more