How to Gain Weight/Muscle Mass/Bulk Quickly

How Can I Gain Muscle Mass Quickly?

Okay, now this is a popular question you will see being asked all over the place. Like everything else in successful bodybuilding, it comes down to eating a good diet that will complement your workout routines. Gaining weight, or rather, muscle mass quickly is not easy and you should not try not to go overboard to pursue this. Always be sensible. I recommend working on a bodybuilding diet that gives you both enough protein and enough carbohydrates. You might also consider modifying your exercise routine to focus more on heavier compound movement weight lifting and less on isolation exercises.

A Diet for Gaining Muscle Mass

You need to make sure your body is getting more carbohydrates and also protein to help you both fuel and build your muscle tissues. Look through the homemade protein shake recipes on our site paying attention to those recipes that use ingredients that will give you the extra healthy carbohydrates (avoid too much processed foods). Of course there are plenty of supplement products out there you can purchase to help you but these should be used to complement a healthier mass-building diet and not replace it.

Weight Lifting Routines for Bigger Muscle Mass

For example, the squat (using a free barbel) is a great compound exercise that works primary muscles in the legs as well as other stabilizing muscles. Shoulder presses, bench presses, back exercises are all good. You can cut down the amount of time you put into isolation exercises such as preacher curls, shoulder shrugs, cable cross overs, etc.

Cardio Training

If you are on an intensive cardiovascular program then you will need to put it on hold as cardio exercises are a very important part of losing weight or ‘cutting’. Even if you are doing a normal amount of cardio training, you might want to reduce it for your weight gain period.

Don’t Forget to Rest!

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