High Protein Diets: Using Supplements in Recipes

If you have read any of the Protein Bodybuilding blog (and indeed the rest of the site) you will already know that the focus so far has been on using protein supplements in your homemade recipes to help you meet your own high protein diet requirements.

Do I Need To Use Supplements?

This is a very popular question and at the end of the day it depends on your goals and your current diet. The average person eating a balanced diet probably does not need any supplementation because they are most likely getting the basic nutrition their body requires.

However, if you are reading this, you are likely to be someone who is on or considering a high protein diet. Most likely you are not going to be meeting the protein amounts you are looking for. Whether you are on a bodybuilding, fitness, weight loss, etc program, protein supplements can help you. It should be clear that protein supplements must not replace you current protein intake (that comes from everyday foods like meat, fish, dairy, etc, etc) but rather supplement your existing protein sources.

Bodybuilders know that protein is a fundamental building block of new muscle and so it is extremely important to make sure, as a bodybuilder, that you are supplying enough protein in your diet. Supplements make life a lot easier for maintaining this required high protein diet. This is why protein shakes are so popular – protein shakes are very convenient sources.

If you are on a weight loss diet, again, you are going to be pursuing a higher protein intake and supplement powders are going to make life easier for you.

Can I Use Protein Supplements in Recipes?

Sure, why the heck not? Anyone who has used powder supplements to create health shakes will know that flavor can be very disappointing. This is why you need to try different ways of using protein supplements in your diets. Get them in your recipes for drinks, snacks, bars, desserts and anything else you can think of.

One warning though, when you heat protein powder too much, I think the necessary properties are ‘killed’. Please post a comment below if you know more about this.

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