Cheap Protein Bars – Are they worth it?

First of All, What are Cheap Protein Bars?

Okay, this post is not about good discounted prices on reputable brands of protein bars available on the internet or your local sports supplements store. What I’m talking about are those cheap protein bars you sometimes find at wholesale supermarkets and the like (I’m not going to refer to any particular name or brand).

Nutritional Benefits of ‘Cheap Protein Bars’

It stands to reason that the cheaper bars may be cheaper for a reason. If the manufacturer is cutting corners, you may be getting a bar that does have high protein in but also gives you too much of other factors you are avoiding – high calories might be one of these factors you are concerned with.

If you get into the science, and I do not claim to be someone who understands all of that, you find documentation about how the reputable supplement companies manufacture their protein to maximize muscle-building or weight loss benefits. Note, this documentation is provided by the manufacturers themselves so you should take that information as you see fit.

The Taste

I’ve tried a couple of cheaper protein bars and was not impressed with their flavors. Also, I found the ones I tried a little hard to get down my throat. Apart from the fact that their taste wasn’t good enough, half way through eating them, I felt I was having to force them down because they were so ‘heavy’.

My Opinion

If you get the chance, try a few different samples (you can buy a selection of single bars) and also do some background reading on the internet and then you will be able to find a bar that suits your nutritional needs and taste buds. Then stick with it until you find something better.

Why Not Make Your Own Cheap Protein Bars?

Of course, if you are on a strict budget, you might consider making your own bars. Using protein powders you already buy you can mix them with other ingredients (oats, honey, dried fruit, nuts, etc) to make your own very tasty bars. If you are interested in this, check out some protein bar recipes.

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